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hello eople of movellas!!!!!!!! so this is my fist blog and i hope i do good....



ps this is for fiction storys not fanfiction of non-fiction

do you ever wonder how to start your story? do you want a great hit off the start of your story so people will read the rest of it without using the classical "once upon a time..." or "long ago in a far away place...."? well.... first you should probably be a remarkale reader, you shold be able to identify mistakes in tothers writing and understand most, (and when i say most i mean all !!!)words and be able to generateideas just by reading a bit. me, myself, read a book every night either on movellas or in hand so i can create my own ideas.

here are some story starters!

-monday moring i woke up very exitited, it was (so and so's) birthday...

-"detention ms/mr. (what evrey carecter is detention wothy) you will see me after school at 2:50 sharp!"

- i creeped up the hall way to my brothers dorm, i slighly opened the door and made sure he was sleeping, a nasty giggle left my lips. i creeped inside his room, dunked the picher of water from my hand on his head, droped the picher nd heald my stomach laguing as i ran to my own dorm....

-hi my name is.... i like... i love to.... and...

- i caught the school power couple staring at me ... winked at me( the... means you put in the gender oposie to your caracter)

- i just finished reading my younger sister her favorite book, cinderella. now i had to feel like cinderella, i had to do all the housework my ...(which ever parent or gardian)and my homework to do...

-it had been a year since the teribal storm hit, i brange back so many memories...


Here are some plot ideas!

- its your caracters birthday and there doorbell rings. when they go to answer it nobody is there but a single tiny present.

-the person your caracter loved/ cared the most about just died

- your caracter just turned 15 and there worst fears are coming true

- your caracter's best firend is depressed and tried to commite suiside

-your parents/ gardian when missing and you have to find clues to bring them back

- your caracter finds a door in the house one he/she has never seen before, when they open it the fall into the floor and into a new dimention

-a huge storm that is going to be the end of humanity is about to come, your carcter has a super power, will she/he use the super power for good or for bad?


Here are some great storys/movies that you could take the plot of than twist it or change it!

-pink panther (movie)

-richie rich(movie)

-percy jackson(both movie and book)

-harry potter(both movie and book)

-goddes girls #9 (book)

-once upon a time(tv show)

- stranger things(tv show)


Here are some books that i have seen on movellas that maybe you could do a plot twist to(only title no author cuz i would need to find the author again than)

-granger guilt

- the carnival



-forever and always

-the locker


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