Gems of Movealls 1- Blue Moon: Darkness (blogging competition)

My entry for the blogging competition.


So there are some gems on this site that need more recognition. They may be super popular- or they may not be. It's time to bring them out of the shadows, and into the light! 


My first Movella that I will be reviewing is 'Blue Moon: Darkness' by 暗い戦士.  If any story is a hidden gem, this one is. 


First off, can we take a moment to admire that cover art? It's beautiful! That instantly attracts the eye, and pulls you right in.


So, now the goodies about the story. In order to keep this organized, I will put it together in three different parts- Characters, Plot, and Writing Style. So, let's take it away!


Plot: This story begins with the main character waking up alone on an ice-covered planet. He has no idea where he is, or how he got there. After barely surviving an attack by an unknown monster of the planet, he is rescued and taken to one of the planet's two major cities. The intro of this story instantly pulls you in, and makes you want to learn more. The combat in the first chapter keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the rest of the story pulls you along with flawless descriptions and fascinating well-built lore. 

The main idea of the story is this: Blue Moon (the name of the aforementioned planet) is a colony set up by the people of earth exactly a thousand and one years ago. Some unclear diasaster befell earth, and the colony broke away from them. There are two major cities- Valhalla and Valdore. The people from Valdore control various elemental powers, and are enemies with the people of Valhalla. The main character becomes involved in a mission across the planet to one of the stabilizers that helps make the planet inhabitable. It involves plenty of fights, a bit of magic, and technology. 

Characters: This Movella focuses on one main character named Zade. There are a few other major characters as well- namely, Cameron, Gia, Tyson, and Elizabeth. Each character is well written and powerful in their own way. My favorite character, however, has to be Zade. He is basically the definition of an anti-hero- someone who does their best to do good, just not always in the right ways. He is incredibly well written, and his traits, as well as the traits of the other characters, are understandable and relatable, despite the fantastical setting. Near the end, this anti-heroism comes into conflict with the other characters, leading to a dramatic and exciting final battle. 

Writing Style: Most of the story is written in third person, except for a slight blip in the middle where it is written entirely in first. Aside from this small error, the story is very well written, riding the balance between rushed and dragging with ease. The events happen with perfect flow, and all parts seem to happen for a reason, not just because the author felt like it at that moment. The actions and words of the characters perfectly portray their emotions, and the descriptions provoke a vivid image in the reader's head. 

Rating: 9/10

Reccomendations to the author: Fix the one small error with what person it's written in, and it would be perfect. 


**Comment below if there is a movella you think deserves to be a gem (please try to avoid nominating your own), and I will do my best to read it and write a book review on it!**

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