It's the Hunger Games Feature Week!

The Hunger Games: Feature Week

Feature week is back with a vengeance...



We’ve got some very good news, feature week is back! If you remember feature week, it seems that the odds are certainly in your favour, so take a moment to celebrate. And if you don’t remember feature week, worry not! This blog is here to tell you everything you need to know and to kick-start your week.



You’ve probably already guessed it, but feature week brings you a blog almost every day on a certain genre or fandom, and this week brings you a great reason to share your love of all things Hunger Games! Get ready for some awesome blogs on:



Stories from District 12

Dark Secrets & Hidden Themes of the Hunger Games

Top 10 Hunger Games Quotes + Giveaway



To start things off, change your profile picture to your favourite character from The Hunger Games!  And why not mumble about your favourite Hunger Games fanfics? Or, if you wanted to write one, take the opportunity and get typing this week!



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 7th (not-quite-so-annual) Feature Week!



Thank you to our Ambassadors for reviving feature week, Sanguine for designing the banner, and DragonSoulJess for writing this intro blog :)


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