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Here we talk about all celebrities from Zendaya to the Kardasians from Beyonce to MIley Cyrus From Chris Brown to Nick Jonas name a celebrities we talk about em

Including 1D,Zayn,NIcki MInaj,August Alsina, etc but we also talk other things to sports games NFL or NBA

and yes you can go on google or ask siri about all these celebrities but this way well Celebrites:Us Famous is more fun just ask what topic to use it can be a celebrite,show,sport comment something and I'll write about it I'll make this the most fun,truthful article you ever read

First Celebrities on the list Sabrina Carpenter

Age: 17

Famous For: Acting and Singing

Born: May !1 1999

Height 5'0

Member of Disney channel

Parents: David Carpenter & Elizabeth Carpenter

On Girl Meets World as Maya Hart

Albums: eyes wide open, on purpose etc

I know this isn't alot but next time there will be alot more and a little paragraph comment what topic next this was just a little teaser hope you come check  out more!

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