National Coming Out Day

by , Sunday October 2, 2016
National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day! 

Hello, this is my first Blog and I'm just saying Hi and reminding eveyone October 11th is ... National Coming Out Day!

So if you dont know what that is, its national coming out day as in leaving the closet, Admitting who you are weather it be gay, lesbain, pan, demi, ace, or what ever you are; its no long being stuck in a lie to those who are close or maybe just to youself.

I am Asexual only a few of my friends know and belive me when I say I am ace or asexual and if you dont know what that is its were one has no sexual attriaction or low sexual attraction. 

Here how I explained to a friend of mine "See Ian, he's cute, adorable, I want to cuddle him like a kitten, i dont want to F, him ( I dont know how movellas feels like cussing so I wont sat the full words. He also got offened and said "I'm f-able.") well thats the best way to explain it I guess but anyways I'm writting to give luck to those comming out and remind people not to out someone.

I plan to come out on the 11th to my mom who I know will except me with out a care, She's always been supportive of the LBGTQ+ and anything related and I'm 60% she already know I'm romanticlly attracted to girls and boys.

So good luck everyone and Have Pride!

From Sky.

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