Story Time~ #1

by , Sunday October 2, 2016
Story Time~ #1

This is the story of my first(and only) boyfriend I had and how it shortly ended.

I was really young at the time and we were goofing around these swings at my church. It was me, this guy that I will call Jay, my brother, and one of my brother's friends. My brother and his friend started talking to one and other and I and Jay started to talk. At this time I didn't really know what it meant to be in a relationship because I was young. I was probably in like first grade or something. We started to talking and I was the one that asked him out. I didn't really think he would say yes but he did and I was happy and all I remember was my brother's face. 


So let's skip probably like the next day. In my church, there are some classes that the younger kids go to before they go where all the adults go(You have to be 12 and up to go in there) and I was already in a mood. I don't know why but I was. Well, Jay had arrived and sat down two seats away from me but realized where I was sitting so he asked the teacher if he can move to where I was sitting and she said yes. Well, this is where I mess up. I got so mad about this that I asked the teacher if I could move and she said no so throughout the class I was mad.


So let's skip to Sunday I think it was. Another day at church(we only see each other at church because didn't go to my school) and I was in a happier mood but I felt something different. Something was off with him. He wasn't sitting by me and he was acting weird so I had asked him what was wrong when we had a break and he said he thought we broke up.


I was so confused and kind of sad because this was my first boyfriend and he basically meant in my opinion that he didn't want to continue because how I acted and we didn't declare we were broken up that day so I didn't understand why he thought that.


That's the end of that story. I know that it was short but that how short my first boyfriend was like. And I have been single ever since! 


Comment what you thought about it. And see you in the next Story Time!

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