Story of the Month: October

by , Sunday October 2, 2016
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Story of the Month: October

Story of the Month for October

It's the first ever "Story of the Month" here on Movellas. Any guesses as to the mystery story we picked?


We're always excited about the stories we get to read on Movellas.

Not only are you all so talented in writing and your stories so very interesting, we also get to see how your stories develop and grow into more than movellas. Since our wish is to see to it that your stories shine, we're starting Story of the Month where we will promote a story we loved. We will also pick stories based on a theme, like this month it's mystery. *Cue sinister outtake music* 


There will be a different mix of stories in the future (poems too!) so we hope you all take the time to check out these movellas because they are worth the read.


This particular story of the month is something special, and a chilling continuation of a story involving crime, murder, and some seriously dark secrets... Not so many writing competitions ago the first part of this story won 3rd place, but that was only the beginning. What started as a few chapters continues on in this, Part 2 story and it's anyone's guess what will happen next. No pressure on the writer of course, but we are looking forward to the updates!


The story of the month is...


Story of the Month for October

The Corpse Hopped at Midnight by N.S. Jones



To read other stories being written, just browse the updated page and never miss the latest chapter added to your favourite movellas :)


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