the boy next door --> unseen convo #1

Nas + Blake: Unseen Scene 1

Please remember this is rough and not always likely to be in the actual book. Also, please bear in mind that this actually may be in the pubished movella and therefore MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS but if you like this sort of thing and are a fan of the boy next door, please continue reading...

Nas: “Blake, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I have to talk to you.”

Blake: “Feel free to say it here, Nas.”

(many people giggle at the nickname)

Nas: “It’s about Violet and your Dad.”

*something flickers on Blake’s face* Blake: “Fine.” Blake pauses. “Be back in five, everybody.”

*Missy frowns*

(outside canteen now) Nas: “How could you do that to me? Humiliate me? I know you don’t want anything to do with me, Blake, but that was indecent. I thought you were, at the very least, above that.”

Blake: “I’m sorry, Nas. I’m so sorry. It- It’s just that these people are a lot of fun, but they seem to bring out the worst in me…”

Nas: “That’s not my concern, Blake. I meant what I said. I’m here on specific details of your sister’s. She tells me that”

Blake: “Wait, when did you meet my sister?”

Nas: *glares* “Beside the point, Blake.”

Blake: “Sorry, sorry.” Pauses. “What is it? What does she want?”

Nas: “She said that you’re not talking to your Dad. I think she’s pretty worried.”

Blake: “Whatever. Is that all?”

Nas: *scoffs*

Blake: “What is it now?”

Nas: “Don’t act like I’m the asshole here. You pushed me away. You let people make fun of me. I helped you. I included you. You should be thanking me, not acting like I’m being off.”

Blake: *sighs “I’m sorry, I really am. I keep saying that. It’s just- I’m not sure it’s the best place, the best time to talk about this. I’ve got the message anyway, that’s all that matters.”

Nas: “OK. I guess I’ll be going.”

Blake: “Nas! Wait...For inviting me to the party, for helping me get to this school, for making a fuss of me. I didn’t want it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate.”


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