The best damn thing

by , Saturday October 1, 2016
The best damn thing





​first kiss : check

cute boys: check

​relationship status ....... error

not gonna lie over 50 % of the time boys are on my mind whether its famous lads or the cute boy from school . the first real boyfriend i had was in year 8 the year where i had no clue what was about to go on in highschool and how drastic my life would change , i was happy. his name was job spelt joe-b , he was tall (lucky with me being 5'7 at the time) strawberry blonde hair and green eyes , he was the boy the girls flustered about and he was MINE! i first started talking to him well basically forced to him seeing as in most of my classes he was sat next to me. at first i actually really disliked him , i was so oblivious at the time, he would go on and on about how josh a boy i would hang around with liked me and then teased josh about it (which josh never denied).

so one day i was being stupid and ended up fracturing my foot by falling over a pair of shoes... so of course i had to have crutches and had to stay in the quite room for my classes that were upstairs and guess who came to the rescue *que dramatic sigh* .

job made sure to get our work and work with me just the two of us in the small room instead of being in class which im positive he had with his friends. let me tell you he was a COMPLETELY different person when it was just me and him whenever i would go to move he would be up on his feet helping me and asking if i was alright every two seconds , no douchbag to be seen.

so being in a small room with him by myself forced us to get quite close and everyday he came over to me to talk about the simplest things most the time complaining about how the history teacher was a total 'arse' and well i was defintley getting comfortable with him. at lunchtime he started sitting with me and let me tell you something i was by no way popular like he was so his friends were always questioning him why he was hanging round with me and he would alway reply with the same answer ' why wouldnt i ?' and smile this big bloody smile at me before pulling me to our next destination.

we were lazying about behind the back wall field away from everyone while i was scrolling through social media of course retweeting anything and everything about one direction when he turned me around and pulled me into his lap so my head was in his lap with my hair which was bright blonde then spralled out everywhere for him to mess with. he didnt say anything just continue with messing with my hair and occasonely turning his head to watch me as i was on my phone before he pulled it from me and typed something in

his number

and thats how we got talking after school.

my cast was off and i was beaming which led to me texting him which was me spamming him this

​i got the bloody thing off!!!!!!! my skin can breathe arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh freedommmmmm!

​so somehow i ended up meeting him at the park just around the corner from where i lived. nobody else just him and i where he sat us under the tree showing me his new sneakers that he got which i will admit were pretty rad. on that day i had my hair down and it wa really long and then came THE MOVE. you know the one that makes girls go gooey , he tucked my hair behind my ear before leaningd down and attaching his lips to mine. it wasnt my first kiss but it was my first SNOG! there was tongue and everything that i always thought would be gross , it wasnt.

And for the first time my cheeks turned scarlet.

to bad it didnt last long...

DAISY xoxox

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