Me and my lovely books 4

by , Saturday October 1, 2016
 Me and my lovely books 4

Todays book (series) is... Narnia! (yay)

I will be talking about Narnia today :)) Hope you enjoy. (will include spoilers!!!)

I can't remember, exactly when I read them, but I must be at least 1 year ago (might be 2-3 I'm really not sure). I've watched the movies sooo many times (actually watched Prince Caspian a few hours ago) and even though they don't match the books exactly, they're good enough for me. 

I absolutly love this story, firstly of because it's incredibly good and exciting all the way through and it's just lovely. Secondly because it's actually a Christian story, and I am (as I said in the first blog) Christian. Aslan is representing Jesus (obvs), Jadis, the White Witch is representing the Devil (quite obvs too) and Edmund is representing the human kind (because he's tempted, 'kidnapped' by the White Witch and gets saved by Aslan in the end). I'm not sure if anyone else is representing anyone/anything (please tell me in the comments, if you know!!) 

A few things I'm annoyed with (you knew this would come, I always complain) is when people sort the four kids into the Hogwarts Houses. (I love the crossover idea, don't get me wrong) I think they sorted them wrong...

The fandom version:

Peter: Gryffindor

Susan: Ravenclaw

Edmund: Slytherin

Lucy: Hufflepuff

I see your point, I do, but here's my version:

Peter: Slytherin

Susan: Slytherin

Edmund: Ravenclaw

Lucy: Gryffindor

(Yes, I sorted two charaters into the same house, it's natural for family to be in the same house!!)

Here's my arguments:

Peter: He doubts himself a little, but in the second (movie, but still) he introduces himself to Trumpkin as 'High King Peter the Magnificent', and I don't know about you, but that's a little too much for me. Besides, he's a very good leader (mostly) and quite ambitious too.

Susan: Yes, in the first movie (maybe the second too) she's the smary pants, the know-it-all, but if you've read the books, you'd know that in the last one, she doesn't go with her siblings, because she didn't really believe anymore. Maybe that's a little Ravenclaw'ish, but I'd still sort her into Slytherin.

Edmund: With this one, I believe people are being too judgy. So what if he was seduced by the witch? She used magic candy! We would all have been tempted, I'm sure. Also in the books he's the one they come to, when they need a decision (at least that what I got from it) and he's a quite good strategist too. 

Lucy: Next to Edmund, she's the sorting I'm most annoyed with; she's SO brave, and she does what she can to do, what Aslan would've done/want her to do. Aslan even says (in the movie, I can't remember if he said it in the books...) "If you were any braver, you'd be a lioness." Her title is even Queen Lucy the Valiant. In my dictionary that meens brave.

 I know Hufflepuffs are brave too, but for real, she's SO a Gryffindor Another thing, (not complaining this time ;) ) I found weird/funny is Susan's title. Susan the 'Gentle'... Just take a look at this:

Does that in anyway look gentle to you? Besides, her siblings got so cool titles 'The Magnificent' 'The Just' 'The Valiant' and... 'The Gentle'... The gentle?? How is that a nice thing to be called? Doesn't 'The Gracefull' or something sound more nice? Gentle just sounds so boring... I feel sorry for her.

One last thing, I'll talk about: Susan and Caspian. WHY?? They were almost as awkward as Bella Swan... They have very few scenes together. If they had kept the deleted scene with the archery (look it up on youtube), they'd at least have a bit together. The hole thing was so uncalled for...

Hope you liked it, remember to comment, I'll reply unless you're being a b*tch (I'm not sure if I can say those words on Movellas)... please don't be a b*tch... Tell me which house you'd sort the Pevensies into, tell me who you ship tell me your favorite book... Please...

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