by , Friday September 30, 2016

Do you got a purpose???

WARNING: This blog content may be offensive!

Nothing is created out of its purpose and we can see that when the purpose got fulfilled that thing with it annihilates! The ruins of destroyed cities… the graveyards of died people… the shed leaves of the trees rustling across the streets… the rise of the dawn and the dusk… the night in which you sleep, is all what we call balance or equilibrium! It’s usually said that a soul without purpose is a rose without a scent. So do you have some purpose? An aim? An ambition? A destiny of your beautiful Life?


Are you a Heathen?

Yeah the word is really strong but if reviewed you can see that this seed have infiltrated its roots deep in to your heart… transforming your intellect and deviating it from the real purpose of your life!!! The time hasn’t run out yet… It’s still time for you to return for yourself before it’ll be too late.

It’s not like that I’m the expert here!!! Or… Or…  nor someone who wants to interfere in your life but let me get this straight!!!


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