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A most creative, unexpected and cute world brought together by Disney

One of the only ​four animated movies that grossed over the one-billion dollar mark happens to a sweet, addictive, animal-charactered movie

It has been about two weeks since I watched Zootopia. I remember the day very well. It was the third, and final, day of Eid-ul-Adha and my older brother downloaded the ever-so-seemingly-talked-about movie, Zootopia.

Let's be honest. I never expected it would be so great and so addictive. Till the first half of the movie, it seemed pretty usual and then suddenly it got me really interested. Therefore, I am going to do a movie review on it so that everyone knows how awesome it seriously is.

Summary of the movie and characters


The movie's an evolved version of the world, a land of animals (but only mammals were introduced in the movie yet) and, in Zootopia, both predator and prey live in peace and harmony. The movie's main protagonist is a female rabbit, Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, who is the kind of mammal who wants to try everything. And this is her:

Judy, as you can see, is the same rabbit on the blog's front. She is basically the hero in the movie, because she is not the typical female character Disney potrays. She is always ready to fight for herself and she never gives up.

The movie opens with nine-year-old Judy Hopps, acting in a stage play, revising how the evolution began and how predators and prey started living together in peace. Co-starring with her on the stage is a jaguar cub and a black lamb. On stage, the three of them voice their career dreams and Judy says she wants to be a police officer. After the play is over, her parents try to discourage her from trying dangerous dreams because there has never been a bunny cop. Judy, however, cheerily defends herself by saying she was going to be the first bunny cop then.

After that, she spots a fox bully, trying to snatch her friends' tickets for a show, and tries to defend them, getting scratched on the face but, successfully, gets the tickets back. This, though, only makes her more determined to pursue her dream career.

The next scene shows Judy, fifteen years later, working through Zootopia Police Academy, under the mentoring of a polar bear. Test after test, Judy fails, but, after a lot of practice, she gets to the top of her academy and becomes ZPD's (Zootopia Police Department) first rabbit officer, in a ceremony where she is congratulated by Mayor Lionheart, who is a lion, voiced by J. K. Simmons, and Assistant Mayor Bellwether, who is an ewe, voiced by Jenny Slate. This is what they look like:

Lionheart, then, promotes Judy to the heart of Zootopia- Precinct One, and there she finally starts working with the ZPD. Before she leaves, her parents give her a fox repellent because foxes tend to harm rabbits more than other creatures. Her first friend there is the reception desk officer, Benjamin Clawhauser, voiced by Nate Torrence, who is a big fan of food and a popular popstar, Gazelle. Clawhauser looks like this:

When she is directed to the bullpen, where all officers get assignments, Judy finds the police Chief is Chief Bogo, a grey Cape buffalo, voiced by Idris Elba, and he happens to be a strict, unappreciative mentor. Chief Bogo appears like this:

I like his character a lot, though he doesn't happen to be my favourite character in the movie. His role is more of an underestimating, stern, do-things-my-way-or-else character, despite the fact he is strong and definitely skilled and exprienced at his work. The rest of the movie goes on from here, and Bogo, possibly underestimating Judy, hands out 14 missing mammal cases to her fellow officers and assigns her to parking duty. Judy tries her best to get a proper assignment too, but is bluntly rebuffed by Bogo.

if you thought this got her spirit down, then no. No, it didn't. She decided to do way more work than expected and ran around, putting tickets on parked cars. Just as noon struck, Judy spots a male red fox, named Nick Wilde as he later introduces himself, voiced by Jason Bateman, going into an elephant ice cream corner. Nick's appearance is below:

Thinking he was going to cause some trouble, she silently followed him inside to find him negotiating a Jumbo Pop ice cream for his son, Finnick, voiced by Tommy Lister. Apparently, because foxes are believed to be shifty, unpredictable in society, the elephant at the counter is refusing to serve him. This hard-hearted act annoys Judy and she gently steps into to solve the problem and gets the ice cream for Nick and Finnick.

As she gets on with her duty for the remaining day, she sees Finnick again and is about to greet him but finds out that he and Nick are doing some strange business and, once again, she follows them as it turns out they are partner con-artists, selling popsicles out of elephant Jumbo Pops, not father and son. After Finnick takes his share of the daily money, Judy confronts Nick and accuses him of being a liar and tries to bring up aspects for his arrest but fails. Moreover, Nick is definitely not ashamed of her finding out and says he has been doing it for a long time and that she couldn't stop him. He also tells her that she will never be a real cop, since all she can do is put tickets on parked cars.

The next day, as she is working, she sets in hot pursuit of a thief, Duke Weaselton, who vandalizes a shop before her eyes. This unauthorised acts leads to her being lectured by Chief Bogo, but luck throws an unwanted, impossible case in her way and he sends her to find a missing otter with the deal - 'You have 48 hours to find him. If you can't, you resign.' After observing the otter's case file, she finds that he was eating one of Nick's popsicle and that makes Nick a lead in the case.

Judy eventually drags him in against his will, and together they go on to hunt for the the otter- and discover an abyss of past secrets along the way...


What I think


I think, personally, it is one of the most fabulous movies I have ever watched- and the only one I have warched three times in two weeks. Zootopia is the perfect family movie, almost completely neat to let kids watch it on their own and the characters have enough adult humour to keep the movie flowing. There are some HILARIOUS puns and jokes which actually ranged in making me choke onto a biscut to nearly throwing me off my seat.

All in all, I don't think a better family movie could exist!!


The genre

Officially, Zootopia is listed as mystery/crime.

However, you'll find a great deal of smooth-flowing comedy and adventure and certain scenes can get you all worked up and emotional. The genre also deals with real-life issues- racism, for instance.


Critic reviews


"The film that unfolds from these beginnings is in many ways a conventional one, but it unfolds with so much wit, panache, and visual ingenuity that it outstrips many a more high-concept movie." -Christopher Orr, The Alantic


"The last thing you'd expect from a new Disney animated marshmallow is balls. But, hot damn, Zootopia comes ready to party hard." -Peter Travers, Rolling Stones


"It is, in short, a city that only the Mouse House could imagine, and one that lends itself surprisingly well to a classic L.A.-style detective story." -Peter Deburge, Variety


"Zootopia is surprisingly and often delightfully specific about its far-from-buried subtext, about the way different groups share certain spaces in this world." -Jesse Hassenger, A. V Club




So, everything by everything, I know movies like Zootopia don't come like free money. Sure thing, movies do get a lot of money put in to them *, but what I'm talking about is the plot and the fluency and the awesome mixing of cool genres.

When I started watching the movie, it wasn't that I wasn't happy- it was a new movie (and I have a soft spot for animated movies, anyway). It was just that I didn't think it could really do so great, and I absolutely didn't, in my wildest dreams, imagine I'd be so obssessed with Zootopia.




The movie 'Zootopia' may be downloaded for free at yts.ag and you can watch it at home with family and friends. If you would rather not prefer this smooth option, perhaps going to the cinema, when the movie is being played again, would be a better choice.



Thank you so much for reading the film review of 'Zootopia'!!!




* = Zootopia was ranked as the 18th most expensive movie Disney ever made, with a budget exceeding 150$ million.

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