My Life

by , Thursday September 29, 2016
Basically, I was told as a small child that it was a good thing to talk about situations that are going on in my life so... here we go. I'm just an average teenage girl fighting her way through a less than mediocre heartbreak, feeling like everything is closing in on her. Also dealing with the fact that my high school career will come to a close extremely soon, and I'll be off on my own to face the world is a bit unsettling. Am I ready? Physically yes, mentally no. I can barely pull myself out off bed in the morning let alone know how to stabilize myself. Pain is a constant at the moment. The pain of slipping away from my group of friends, the pain of losing the only person that I've ever loved, the pain of seeing that person everyday with another girl and knowing that I've officially lost him. Knowing that if I wouldn't have broken down that day, and lost my cool, he would still be mine, and I wouldn't have to awkwardly dodge him in the halls. Millions of things that I've done, I regret but, that will always be my biggest one. Losing him will always be my biggest failier. But, in the end it will just go on my wall as another brick full of self disappointment along with the billions of pre- existing ones that have haunted me over the years. Will it ever get better, I don't know. But, do I have hope for the future, yes. I'll keep you updated. ~xoxo Miss Invisible
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