Winner of the Autofiction Challenge!

by , Thursday September 29, 2016
Winner of the Autofiction Challenge!

Winner of the Autofiction Challenge!

This writing challenge called for some self-fueled fiction - and we're ready to tell you all about who won



In this writing challenge we asked you all to start with yourself and your own life in writing a story. How much turned out to be fiction and how much was real we left entirely up to those who took part, we just wanted to see yourself in the fiction :) Our winner wrote a wonderful story worth checking out and so naturally we're pretty stoked to make this announcement.


The winner will receive a Movellas-themed notebook. We hope you enjoyed this challenge on Movellas - there were good stories in this short-lived challenge, and you all seemed to like the theme so we will be sure to have challenges like this one in the future! 



Best Story

The Masks We Wear by KateTriesLife


We have one worthy mention we'd recommend you all read if you're up for a chilling tale involving ticking clocks, a shadowy house, and other frightening things that go bump in the night...


Tick Tock by SnowPotato_


The winner will be contacted by email. 

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