Animes I Recommend

by , Wednesday September 28, 2016
Animes I Recommend

Anime is awesome...

So I decided to recommend a few!

1. Tokyo Ghoul

A pretty awesome anime. It's got lots of blood and gore, and has a lot of mature content, but in my opinion, it is one of my favorites. I like the story and the idea. Basically, the main character, Ken, becomes half human, half "Ghoul". He has a craving for human flesh, but he tries to keep some of his humanity. His adventures of being part of Ghoul society, and his struggles to retain his humanity makes an interesting story. But if you get scared easily, or get queasy by seeing gore and blood, you do NOT want to see this anime. But if you can take it, or if you love this kind of stuff, I totally recommend it. It's number 1 for a reason: it's my favorite.

2. Vampire Knight

It is a slightly older anime, but the story and characters are pretty cool. I love the concept, and the idea is good. My favorite character is Zero. His struggles are pretty intriguing. 

3. The Betrayal Knows My Name

One of the best I have seen. Yuki, the main character, is a young boy who struggles with the fact that he does not seem to be "needed". He soon developes strange powers, and then he meets a young man named Zess. Zess answers Yuki's questions, and they become friends. Yuki finds out he is part of the "Guiou Clan",  a group of teens that are reincarnated every tousand years to fight off the "Duras", a group of demons, in a war.

I hope you can take the time to give these animes a try! And they all have a manga, so if you can't see the anime, read the manga! I hope you enjoyed my Blog rambling! 

One last thing: I will make more Blogs on anime/manga in the future, so tune in!

-Panda Of Fyre


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