Me and my lovely books 3

by , Wednesday September 28, 2016
 Me and my lovely books 3

Today's book (series) is... The Hunger Games

This is apparently an intro/teaser so... Read below how The Hunger Games helped me a few months ago, and basically read me fangirling as usual (if you can call it that after 3 blogs...)

Hello lovely people of Movellas, today I will, as seen above or where ever, be talking about The Hunger Games.

(I said above that it helped me, I'll get back to that!)

I read theese for the first time about a year ago, or so, and I had never seen the movies. I knew who the characters were, I knew what the actors looked like (which is annoying, if you wanna imagine the characters yourself!) but other than that, I was clueless. 

I actually read the first one in school, and made an assignment as I was reading it... In most other cases, that would make me hate the book series, but not in the case, nooo...

I wouldn't say I'm part of the fandom officially, I do have my ships, but the story meens much more to me. 

Back then I could read a book in a couple of days (only reading at night, or when we had to in school), and I still can but I don't... But I read them kinda slow, so I could understand everything and get the whole experience. And I loved them, I still do.

As said, they helped me. Here's the story:

Almost half a year ago, I got 'diagnosed' with social anxiety... just as I was about to go to Berlin in Germany with my class... great. I was almost constantly panicking on the inside, just thinking about the trip, but I decided not to think about it, before we had to leave, but of course that didn't go very well... I don't know how many hours I spent crying and trying to breathe, just because I was leaving my comfort zone. Actually, the only time I wasn't panicking, was when I read. When ever I pulled out my book (THG), and went into the universe of Katniss Everdeen and her everlasting war against the government, I didn't have time to think about that stupid trip. (The trip was actually amazing, I was just panicking a lot)

It was actually thanks to my dad, that I had the books available, because he found them on sale, and brought them for me.  

So I don't know, If I'd love them as much as i do, if I didn't have social anxiety, but that doesn't really matter, because I do have it, and I do love them. I would love for you guys to read them, if you haven't already!

I know theese blogs aren't that long, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. I hope it didn't get to personal, have a nice day, and please leave me a comment to read down below (It can be what you thought of this blog, what your favorite book series is, what you think of The Hunger Games, if you have any anxiety disorder or anything, what you use as an escape. Literally, I'm open for anything!!)

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