Keegzster's Sad Life Blog (jk!)

by , Wednesday September 28, 2016
Keegzster's Sad Life Blog (jk!)

My First Blog

From sixth grade, maybe even earlier, she knew she had a passion for writing. She's followed it up by writing stories, songs, poetry, and even vignettes. She doesn't ever plan to stop writing, and she wouldlove to make a job andlife pout of it. However, to her it's not plausible. Follow her throughout her journey.

        So, this is more of a tester thing, for me to try this whole blog thing. I thought a great way to do that, and still have it be artsy and meaningful would be an introduction to me. Yeah, i have a bio blah blah, but that doesn't really tell you about me. So, here's me.


        I'm Keegan. I'm American and my favorite color is blue. My favorite movie is probably Donnie Darko, and my favorite book would most likely have to be Farenheit 451. I listen to mainly rock and alternative music. That's the best info on music I like, unless you want to talk one on one and/or you'dlike an essay.

        I'm panromantic, meaning I have the capability to fall in love with/like any and all genders.This does not mean I'm attracted to pans or inanamate objects, nor does it mean I am attracted to everyone. I have a boyfriend, and he's very sweet. His name is Elasha.

        I've been taking spanish for three years (this is my third) and I'm also self teaching other languages. Right now, I'm slowly learning German, but I plan to laterlearn languages such as Norwegian and Polish.

        I'm trying to start a band with my good friend Jenny... I play guitar and bass guitar, and I can kind of sing? I also know basic drums, but I haven't learnd may fills yet, for I don't have a drum set. Jenny playsguitar and can sing, but I'm going to try to teacher her bass. 

        My favorite food is fruit snacks, but ritz crackers are pretty great was well.


If you wanna talk, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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