What to watch on Netflix(remake)

It's hard to find good shows on Netflix because there are so many! So I made a list to help you out!

Some of these are out of my favorites and some of the theses I heard were good but I haven't watched yet.


1. Stanger Things

I really loved this show. It's about a few kids set in 1980 and they have to find their friend Will. The story was so thrilling and left me on edge to know what happens next. I recommend this to people who love horror because this can get scary at times.


2. The Walking Dead

Of course, I'm going to put my favorite show in here! It's...well... about zombies! But what I love about this is the characters and how different they are but they still are with each other even when something bad happens! Like I said about Stranger Things. I recommend this to people who like horror since it can get really graphic at times, 


3. Supernatural

Supernatural is about two brothers who go through so much together. They are hunters who hunt things that are not normal. Vampires. Spirits. You name it they've encountered it. I would recommend this to horror lovers but since I'm not that big on horror myself I think anyone older than 12 or13 can watch this. But it does have some sex scenes so be warned.


4. Z Nation

OMG! I can't tell you how much I love this show! Like The Walking Dead it has zombies but in my opinion, it's a lot funnier than The Walking Dead. All the characters are so great and the zombies can be funny at times. It's not as graphic as The Walking Dead so I suggest you check it out. You might thank me or you might get mad at me. 


5The 100

The 100 is about 100 teenagers who go back down to earth after being in space because of a nuclear bomb that made it unsafe for people. They send them down to see if it's survivable. You just have to watch it because I feel like I will give it away if I say more. I recommend for all.


6. Jessica Jones

This is for people who love marvel movies. It's about a superhero Jessica Jones and how her career as a superhero ended and what she does now. This was a novel that was for adults and there are some sex scenes but I kind of just ignore that.


7Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This show is so funny! It's about a woman who was in a cult for 15 years finally got rescued and now she if trying to fit in with everyone else. I love this show! There are some inappropriate jokes but not a lot.


8.  Lost

Another one from my favorites. You have to really pay attention to this show because there are so many things going on. It's about a plane that crashed on an island and the people have to try and get off. There's more to it but I don't want to spoil anything so you have to watch and find out for yourselves!


9. Parks and Recreation

Here's another funny show. It's kind of like The Office but different. It's about a woman who hopes to beautify her town in Indiana. My brother loves this show. I only watched a few episodes but I really enjoy it too and will watch more when I get to it.


10.  Red Data Girl

This is an anime show about a girl with a strange powers to destroy any electrical devices that she gets her hands on. This is one of my friend and I's favorite show we watch together and I really recommend it to people who love anime or want to watch it. I don't watch anime that much but I love this show.


11. Your Lie in April

Some of you guys probably already watched this anime series but this is another favorite of my friend's and I's. It's about a boy who has been playing the piano all his life but suddenly can't hear the music. It's going in why he can't and how he deals with it. 


12. Criminal Minds

This is about a team in the FBI that profiles criminals and tries to figure out why they did it and what causes them to do it. This is one of my favorite crime shows ever! This can get really violent so if you don't like violent things I suggest not to watch it.


So that is all the shows I recommend. I tried to recommend different kinds of shows. I watch a lot of violent and dark shows so I tried to put some funny ones as well for those who don't.


Comment your favorite show on Netflix and I might check it out. I hope you watch some of these and if you want to learn more you can always look them up. I just didn't want to give away to much.

P.S this was accidently on the Danish page instead of the English and that is why there is two. 

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