Random Personal Blog 1

by , Tuesday September 27, 2016
 Random Personal Blog 1

27/9/16   2:13 pm


Ive never written a blog before because it reminds me of diaries, I've had a really bad experiences with diaries xD. But you know, this'll probbably be Chronicles of the Life of a Boring Teenager (for short CLBT). My life isnt interesting at all, nothing ever happens, and i very much doubt anything interesting will. Fair warning just writing some nonesense and rants about my life here. It just feels nice to type down my feelings because i usally end up bottling them up which apparenty is not good for my health. Okay, Ill just type something up.

I suppose everything is more fun inside my head, where i can create stories and ideas and daydream and whatnot. Ive recently started a story about a VERY disurbed girl but i dont know if to post it or not. Mainly because i want to foucs on the stories i have that are still ongoing which i would very much like to see some feedback. I dont know if theyre any good, and i dont know who to ask to revise them. Anyways, theyre not my best work and the revised edition i have it in word.

Well, i suppose i'll write another one of this thingies later.

Ina/Alex signing out...or whatever.


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