Billy Elliot - A movie review

A movie review by spongebobninja

Having recently watched Billy Elliot for an English project, I decided to write a review about it!

Billy Elliot is a film set in England about a family of 3; Jackie Elliot (Father) Tony Elliot (Son) and Billy Elliot (Son, main character). They had recently lost their mother, and since then, the family hasn't been in a stable condition. Jackie signed Billy up for boxing, because it has been passed on from the family's generations. But Billy doesn't really want to do boxing. He finds out about ballet, and wants to pursue in that career.

However, there is a road block. Jackie doesn't want his son to do a 'girl' sport, and he doesn't want to be looked down upon. Already being part of the miner's strike and not getting enough income for the family, Jackie is very stressed with Billy doing ballet too. 

I really enjoyed this film. There is the main theme portrayed throughout this film, of never giving up and pursuing your dreams. Even if ballet is a girls sport, does that matter? Even if boxing is a boys sport, does that matter? People should be allowed to do what makes them happy. This film also highlights the father and son relationship of Billy and Jacky. They don't get along first because of all the ballet but once Jackie lets Billy do ballet, realising it's what he wants, they come back together and form a happy family.

Billy Elliot is a really touching film, funny parts, and sad parts. If you haven't already watched Billy Elliot, it is a must see. Comment below what you thought of the film if you have watched it!

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