by , Tuesday September 27, 2016

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My boring life

Ok so i started writing agian. I got an idea of what to write and thoght you know what i'm going to write this book weather people want me to or not. So yeah here I am, school started so i couldn't write the first few week because my teachers piled on projects. I wrote the first chapter on the bus and at night. The second chapter I wrote in PBL (project based learning) and right now im in English where i finished the chapter and im writing this blog. We had a test yesterday in English and it was one of those tests were you have two days to finish it so i finished it the first day and today I could either read a book or write so i decided to write. In my book none of the characters are in real life they are just characters in me brain so yeah. Thats what's going on in my boring life. ok Bai~ The crying weirdo in the corner 

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