Chapter 2/ Blog 2

by , Sunday September 25, 2016
 Chapter 2/ Blog 2



Soooooooooo I am happy and only saw your comments today. I worked it out with him and we were really honest. I got to know him a lot better. ^~^ He's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyy interesting. Just the way he thinks is just like, "WHoa 0.0" And I don't judge him at all. I want to become a therapist or councilor, so I'm interested by the way people think. And why they think it.


It's currently 3:16am and I dun feel like waking up in 4 hours ;-;, I'm typing in the dark so forgive my grammatical errors? He SHOULD CHECK HIS EMAIL!!! HINT HINT XD ;) 


And he should spam me since I did him xD I hope he doesn't mind xD He is amazing and just...mmm I can honestly hear his voice in my head while I read his texts. Does that sound weird? I think I worded it wrong. ~ANYWAYYYY, PLEASE READ ALL OF MY MESSAGES. since the one I sent after you went to bed is important.^!^~


Just as I say that he comes online. wtf xD

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