Try 3-2-1

by , Saturday September 24, 2016
 Try 3-2-1

Warning: Depressive shit

Uhm, hey...?
Yes, "Uhm, hey...?" is the PERFECT WAY to get someone's attention, Violet, clapsclaps!
Wellp, I was never good at these things.
Actually, I was never good at many other things either.
Haha, jokes.
This is the part where somebody laughs, but that person is always only me somehow.
...Who am I kidding, nobody is even reading this.
It's gonna' vanish, just like I will, 'cause I'll never make any remarks anywhere.
I will vanish, like i never mattered.
So why do I feel like I matter?
Why do I even have these questions?
I'm not suicidal, I swear.
I don't harm myself either.
...I /am/ bi though.
I mean, I think I am.
I'm definitely not straight, that's for sure.
Oh yeah, I'm also Hungarian, so excuse my English.
Haha, jokes.
I'm the only one laughing again.
I'd say I'm used to it, but you can never get used to being the only one who gets it.
Yes, just another blog of a pre-teen/teen, I don't even know which I count as.
I'm already waiting for all the haters and stuff.
I love them.
It's raining on Mount Fuji.
See, this perfectly describes what it would be like if I wasn't too much of a lazy fuck to write a blog!

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