All things to remember when you are stressed...

All things to remember when you are stressed...


Having a hard time getting through something? Read this. Understand this. And just relieve yourself to Mother Nature.


Hard time?

Well, always start out by stopping. Dont go any further with anything else then reading this, remembering this, and understanding this. When you have stopped completely, loosen up your shoulders, just like that, yes. And now, take a deep breath in and out. If you still feel like throwing things around in the room, or sitting and crying your "Lake of Tears" bigger, take another deep breath. In and out. Do that as many times as you feel like. But take it easy, dont hestitate with taking a few more breaths, because your body and your soul needs to be all relaxed.

Now, continue with what you were doing, but take it easy, still loosen up your shoulders, chest in the front, chin up, and now lets see a smile on your face. If you need to fake the smile, then you arent relaxed enough, and needs to take another couple of meditating breaths. And face it. Face it, that life ain't easy, but you will get through it. No need to stop thinking about anything else. Actually, focus more on the small happy things in life, and you will eventually get through the hard times. And now, continue whatever you feel like doing.


Going to fast?

Wow, wow, wow... Slow down. Take another deep breath, and take all kinds of socks and shoes off. Fill a bucket of

hot, melty-like water, and but your feet in it. Your feet need to relax sometimes, and many people forgets to take

care of them. "Your feet are used to walking everyday! They can take another day!" Dont listen to them. Your feet

cant take anymore, and they need to relax. Lean back, watch some tv or surf on the internet for something good,

take a bag of candy, and chill. Really, feel the good taste in your mouth of that nice sweet candy, and just lean

back in that nice comforting chair. Your feet have been used too much, and needs to be completely soaked in this

relaxing hot water. Dont think about if it is too hot, unless it hurts. Because it is not supposed to hurt! Then you are

doing it way wrong!

Nice. When your feet have relaxed enough, (about 1-3 hours) you go out and take a nice, hot steaming

bath.Whether its in a bathtub or a shower dont mather, as long as you can relax. Feel the hot water steaming

down your body, and relax your whole body. No matter how stressed you are because you need to study for your

exam or walk the dog or anything else. It can wait. Your body has needed this meditation in a long time now.


Too much into yourself?

So, you finally saw that it was a problem. You may take too many selfies, or look to much in your mirror, just to see how beautiful and hot you are. Dont do that. Instead of a selfie, why not go into Instragram or Facebook and compliment someone elses selfie? That would be so much more caring and sweet, and you spared some data right there. Now, cover up all mirrors with something for a couple of days. And no. Its not allowed to use the shiny spoons as mirror. Thats cheating. I know you may have spots or wrinkles all over your face, but drop the make-up when you are home! I know that it doesn't look that sexy, but hey, nobody "important" is there. And when you take the camera and see yourself about to take a selfie, you realize that you aren't suited for a picture, and again, you spared data!

Listen, you have to learn to compliment others, look at others, help others, and eventually, your eyes will open so much more up! You will feel less blind in your mind! Learning to look over your own feet, is something that needs to get into your mind, when you're still a little child. If you got a phone to early, or just didn't talk to that many people as a kid, you turn out so selfish an arrogant. Im not saying that you are the only one in that position. We all are! Nobody is perfect, but you dont have to tell them, because you're only dragging yourself lower down, on the same time that you make them feel stupid. Thats very idiotic to do. Just dont.


Too many good memories that you will try to remember, but cant?

If you are one of those people, who enjoys living the moment, and forgetting all about capturing it, then you are stupid. Always remember to take a photo or a picture of you and your friends on holidays. Or if you are having a nice day, remember to capture it, so that when you are having a hard time, you only have to look back on the memories and then you can see what life is about. So dont hestitate with the camera, but it only havs to be one picture a day, else you are going to be annoying taking photos of every little flower in the grassfield.

And for the love of Mother Nature, dont just take a selfie. Make sure that everyone is on the picture, and that everyone seems happy. And you should rather have a picture of them, to remember how they are and who they are, then having pictures of yourself, because you can always go out in the bathroom and look in the mirror, and BAM you have a living "picture" of yourself.

Just caprure that goddamned' moment!


Waiting for something to happen?

Dont. Its okay to wait for someone or something. But dont wait for too long. Think about it. You only have one life! Go out there and live it, instead of waiting for something special to happen. Its okay to be patient, but the more you wait, you just stress yourself. And trust me, you dont want that. Next time one of your friends says "Hey! Heard you are in town, want to go out and have a beer?", say "YES!". Not because it is beer, it could be anything, shopping or picnic, but instead of thinking No i need to get the last bus home, use the time! You know you are going to wit for that bus to arrive anyway, so use the day on something else.

Its not healthy for your mind and soul to wait for too long. If you have two minutes, use them on chatting with someone, it doesn't need to be anyone you know, as long as you are socializing, then you are going to be okay. Oh, and remember not to creep them out, when they may think you are just desperate on talking to somebody. Even though you may be, dont make it obvious. But stop waiting, and live goddamn moment!



Dont worry, you are not alone out there. It is totally normal to be jealous of something, anything from your friends bracelet to someone having a better life then you. Preventing this to happen, is not to make sure that you have everything in the whole world. Not at all. To prevent this from happening, you just have to be happy for the smallest things and think "Yes, she might be marrying someone soon, but just have a dress that i can where to so much more then just a wedding". Think about the smallest things in life, and the bigger ones just starts to disapear from your sight. But most of all. Dont think that just because they are bigegr then you, they might have it so much bigger. Because they are blind. They think they have everything. Yes, they may have anything physically, but not mentally. They dont have that abillity to think about the smaller things in life. And that is why they may be sad sometimes, without even knowing why. That happens to so many people. So just focus on the small good things, and you are good to go.


Cant be like the others?

You dont have to! Actually, i would recommend to be yourself. And yourself ain't that celebrity thats in the famous tv-show or the singer from that band you like. No, being yourself is taking a deep breath, meditating while thinking about what people, and what experiences that has formed your life. We are all different, and dont be afraid to show it! Take those fancy circle earings out, and take the one with the cats on instead. And that polo-shirt? Ripp it off! Take that sweater on that everyone else thinks its so ugly, but you are secretually in love with! And you dont have to wear those long jeans or those shorties, if you would rather walk around in a hoodie and jogging-trousers. They are also very comforting. And most of all, dont dress up after what you think looks good, dress up after what you thinks suites your personality! If you are very cheery and happy, wear your sweet colorful summerdress, and if your boyfriend just broke up or your cat died and you are just so sad that you feel like crying all the time, wear black or blue! Suit up for your emotions, not whats in the newest collection. And what is more important, to be yourself, smile! Everyone loves a good grin or a beautiful smile like yours!

An "everyday-thing" to do, is to take a note, write down three good things about yourself, and keep it in the drawer or hang it on the wall. Wright something on the note, that happened today and made you happy, or a quality about yourself that you just found handy!

And remember. You are gorgiuos as you are.


Dont want to meditate because you think its for idiots?

An other way to find yourself, is just to take two minutes to breath. Take a deep breath in, and breath out again. Take easy slow breaths, and really feel the tingeling in your body, all the way out to your fingertips, toenails and hairroots. It doesn't have to be anything special, just remember to take these breaths once in a while. U need them. They are also usefull if you are training hard, and need to take a break!


I hope that this is useful for at least some of you. And these are easy to remember! Im using these everyday, having that picture as my background on my computer, so that i remind myself of being who i am, and taking a break from reality once in a while. Its good for you.

- Lucifer

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