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Hello World!

 My name is Clara_jean_Mellark. I wonder if any of you avid readers out there have ever thought about the person behind the stories on my page. Well. Here I am! (all people in my blog have been given false identities for reasons of safety)


 The first thing that you should know abot me is that Clara isn't really my name. Though most of you probably guessed that by now. Clara is my pen name. Clara is also the name of my favourite companion in my favourite show. Doctor Who! The name Jean is from my favourite films and books. Harry Potter! Finally my last name -Mellark- is from my favourite book trilogy! 

 As I write this - me a 14 year old fanfiction writer- I am home from school. I'm sick! I hate being ill it's one of the worst feelings in the world! I live in Great Britain -England and I absolutly hate the school that I go to. It's nothing to do with the teachers or the lessons. Those are the only things I like bout my school. The things I hate are all social aspects. I'm quite the nerdy little anti-social girl with barely any friends. I'm also quite wimpy and everybody knows that. Oh well. Live and let live as I always say!

 I have qute a large family ,so I can't go into too much depth about that, but I can tell you about my immediate family! My mum is called Harriet and my dad is called Patrick. I have an older brother who is 22 and his name is Daniel. I have two older sisters. 1 is 21 and called Jane (she just got married to a man called Conner). My other older sister Sarah is 18 just got engaged to her boyfriend (Jack). I also have a little brother aged 10 who is also called Jack but to save you from any miscommunications in this blog I shall call him James (to all those twilight fans -yes that is on purpose James is evilllll). Let me just say now that they are all completly crazy and there will be many stories of them in this blog!

 I also have a pet dog named Dexter! He is my best best friend and without him I would be completley lost!

 Today I am going to end this blog with a funny story from my childhood. I was 4 years old. Me and my family went on a bike ride (I was still using stabilizers) through the woods. We were innocently cycling along when I suddenly lost control of my bike. I veered to the left and fell into a bush. But this was not an ordinary bush. It was a stinging nettle bush! I screamed (Duh!) and we had to go home. Later on I was covered in sudocrem and running around the house in nothing but my pants and yelling. "look at me i'm the creamy monster!". In my house I will never live that down. Along with a bunch of other embarrasing stories that I will save for another day.

Peace out mother lovers!

-Clara Jean Mellark



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