Winners of the Manga/Anime Competition!

by , Saturday September 24, 2016
Winners of the Manga/Anime Competition!

​Winners of the Manga/Anime Competition!

Your stories & fanart have all been judged in this competition - now hear more about the winners



In this competition there was a pervasive theme: the universe of Manga/Anime. What happened through the course of this competition is a beautiful mix of stories written on the subject, where so many possibilities were explored, and we all learned a little more about this powerful fandom. As if that wasn't enough, what's more was the fantastic amount of fanart entered into this competition where a mix of drawing - both by hand and on the computer - show a different number of characters. 



Like reading anime fanfiction? Then we encourage you to look at the entries from this competition as they are quite remarkable. Here are the winners from the competition who will receive themed prizes or gift cards from Amazon! We hope you all liked having this competition on Movellas - thank you to all who entered and worked so hard in participating, this is what makes these competitions so very exciting...



1st Place

Stronger Than Ever by Gabriel




Runner Up

Ghoul Investigator by HarasBQ




Best Cover

Half by CEMO




Best Fanart

Anime Art by AliceMay Jones




We also have two honorable mentions that we' d like to draw attention to, fanfics we loved that got off to a great start, and just because the competition is over doesn't mean these stories should be! We hope these movellians will continue writing their entries now that the competition results have been announced - we just really want to see what happens next!



Saving Hagita by FANGIRL!!!



Revival by Literary Scribe Tanique



All the winners will be contacted by email.


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