21/09/2016 Me's-a-blog!

by , Wednesday September 21, 2016
 21/09/2016 Me's-a-blog!

What do I write in blogs?


Uh.....any ideas?


Story's kinda slow lately. The weekly update cycle has caught up to my editing cycle, so right now as soon as I finish reading through a chapter for a second time it's boom- out of the interwebs we go. 

Problem is, I don't even know if anyone's actually reading it, so instead of doing updates I could just be chilling and writing at my own pace. 

The problem of THAT is, 'my own pace' typically just means procrastination to no ends. 

So in conclusion, I am glad I'm kinda obligated to regularly post new chapters. It's a whip made out of sweets, so to speak.


Worst metaphor ever. 

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