Stranger Things and the world beyond

by , Wednesday September 21, 2016
Stranger Things and the world beyond

The science behind this show.

Why is this show not given enough credit?

Stranger Things has probably been the best show I have seen in all my years. Even though the first season was so short and couldn't get a lot of information-its a pretty great show. I connects drama, action, and science in to a wopping eight episodes. When you are finished you are left speechless and wanting more. 


I binged watch this show and finished it all in one day, and just like the rest of you guys ... I'm left with many many questions. For example , is there other worlds other than the upside down? What happenes to will? Does Jonathan get together with Nancy? Does going into the upside down effect Joyce and hopper? What will they be planning for the next season and why do we have to wait do long.

For those of you knew to the series i will give you the low down .

A small town , where everyone knows everyone starts to changed when a small course of events causes a young boy to go missing. A dark government and a strange child cause a tear in the community. Three boys and the strange young girl fight strange forces to get their friend back. An alternate universe, parallel to our has taken the young boy will , the girl named eleven calls it the upside down. It is known as the dark version of our world. Eleven has strange powers that allow her to move things with her mind  and it aids them in retreaving their friend . 

All in all , you need to watch it and if you have already, you need to watch the second season. The only problem is it's coming out in 2017 :( Hopefully by waiting so long , they will make up for the lack of information in the last season. 

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