The 24 Hours Competition Winner!

by , Monday September 19, 2016
The 24 Hours Competition Winner!

The 24 Hours Competition Winner!

Your stories were read in this writing challenge - now it's time to announce the winner



This competition challenged you all to write a story on the "Journey" theme - and to do it all that in 24 hours no less! There were some great stories that resulted from this short-lived competition, and we read them all :) The stories were all about journeys, but they were also all different in every way, and because of that we wish we could have picked more than one winner, but in this case the winner takes all and we're excited to make the announcement about this amazing movella.


The winner will receive an Amazon gift card. We hope you enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to those who participated - your stories were an excellent show of what is possible when you put your writing skills and time contraints to the test...



The Winner

Touched by W A N D E R L U S T


We have an honorable mention from this competition that we also recommend you all read, it's an awesome story about sushi, a devilish crush, and the beginning of one epic journey...


Lost Lights by ChelberNo1


The winner will be contacted by email. 

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