Rewriting the Greats Poetry Winners!

by , Saturday September 17, 2016
Rewriting the Greats Poetry Winners!

​Rewriting the Greats Poetry Winners!

Your poems have been read in this writing competition - we're here to tell you more about the winners



This competition called for monumental rhyming and rewriting of a classic or modern poem of the writer's choice. In what was undoubtedly a difficult endeavor, there was a whole bunch of you who wrote amazing poetry that was also unique - there were modern takes on old classics including many from Romanticism and a greater number of poems written in the style and rhetoric of the classics, even a spoken word version worthy of the Shakespearean stage. 


Needless to say, we were swayed by the effort and talent at work here in the entries of this competition, and we encourage you to check them out! For now, here are the winners and a couple worthy mentions. Winners will receive prizes or gift cards from Amazon. We hope you enjoyed this competition on Movellas - many thanks to those who entered - your poetry was truly brilliant.



1st Place

Ozymandias by A.S Damea




2nd Place

Sonnet 29 by Pikachunicorn


And the Spoken Word version:



3rd Place

A City by TheTravellingLemon




There are two worthy mentions from this competition we recommend you read, both amazing poems in their own right and both based on amazing poems themselves :)


The Garden of Love by Izzy.R



To A Familiar Stranger by Mercury Chap



All the winners will be contacted by email!


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