Harry Potter Villains

by , Tuesday September 13, 2016
Harry Potter Villains

The Villains of Harry Potter

A closer look at the interesting array of villains found in the books & how well they were written


Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening ladies and gentlemen! My, feature month is here, and I can imagine a lot of you Potterheads out there are excited and raring to go! To be frank, I'm not that much of Harry Potter, but I know characters. Especially the villains, and Harry Potter has an interesting array of them. Here is my summary and opinions on how well the villains were written, and what they were about.

(Caution – Spoilers will be spoken. You have been warned.)




Ah, Voldie-Voldie-Voldermort. Tom Riddle. The Dark Lord. He who must not be named. You know who. So many names for the main villain of the series. Harry's ultimate opponent and enemy. What seemed an innocent little boy at an orphanage, Tom Riddle grew up as a nasty piece of work, delving into the forbidden and darkest magic the world knew of. And when the time came, he slaughtered Harry's parents and attempted to murder Harry as well... but failed, and thus began the rivalry that started the Second Wizarding War.

However, whilst Voldermort's story is an interesting one, his final character and personality is... well... not too fascinating. Sure, he's powerful and mighty but his character is not as cool as it could've been. He's a Dark Lord, who dresses in black, eeeeevil clothing, and treats anyone else around him as if they were below him. Seen it before. His end goal is never clear as day, but my idea is that he is just a sociopath who wants all the power to himself, and knows that Harry is the only one who can defeat him. Again, seen it before.


Final verdict on Voldermort; cool backstory, but weak characteristics in terms of his villainy.

Professor Umbridge

Oooo, now here's a character I can appreciate much more. She does not follow the cliché villainy line that Voldermort does. A sweet little lady, who always smiles, dresses in knitted, pink and fluffy fleeces and adores kittens. N'aww, what a kind wom- Oh good God, she makes students cut and bleed their lines onto their own hands. WOW that is horrific! Interrogating children like criminals, threatening to perform the torture – I think that needs to be repeated – TORTURE Curse onto a 15 year old boy! Jeeeez, she is a psycho!

But I think, we can all agree, that the most hateful and most evil thing she could've done was... Oh boy, it makes me shudder just saying it. Enforcing more... exams... into one of the most fun schools any of us could ever imagine... Just saying the word "exams" nearly makes me vomit with fear... That's just plain heinous, but yet... she still smiles whilst order and discipline upheld within the school. If anything, I can imagine Rowling actually took inspiration from this character from her own children taking exams. Umbridge really does shine the education system in Britain. Or anywhere, really.


Final verdict; Umbridge is just horrible but well designed as a villain. No follower of Voldermort, but just as evil.

The Malfoys

Now I want to cover all of the Malfoys in this, as they all shine in the same way. We all hate and love Draco. The typical rich boy bully who thinks he can say whatever he wants because his family is wealthy and powerful. But when he is put up to the task of murder, or is punched and slashed by a Hippogriff, he cries and whimpers because he's a coward. Remember that everyone, anyone who is a bully are cowards. Keep that in mind.

Lucius Malfoy I actually find rather intriguing. Whilst his attitude of "Did you really think children could stand up to us?" Is rather dull, I loved his performance of negotiation before brute force, rarely seen by villains. He was nice to Harry when he asked for the prophecy, trying to soften him up to giving it up. "Now let's everybody just... calm down, shall we? All we want, is that prophecy." It's sinister, as you know he is not true, but it's still nice to see Rowling deviating from the norm.

I could go into Narcissa Malfoy, but she's just a mother who wants to protect her child. Having to be working for the Dark Lord, or run from him. All for the sake of Draco.

Final verdict for the Malfoys; not your average family, but still significant in the stories.

Severus Snape

Now, a lot of you will be saying "He's no villain! Why is he in this list?" Well my friends, he was indeed someone we all agreed was a bad man from the first few books, up until The Deathly Hallows, where we learn what he was all about. He treated Harry like scum for a long time, hating him because of what we learnt about when Harry saw into his past – Harry's father was a sheer bully to Snape. Not bad as a motive to be a villain. Or at least, that's what we thought... There was more to it than that.

Until the very end, when we learn what Snape had done for all these years and why. The love of his life, Lilly Potter, was taken from him, by both Harry's father and Lord Voldermort. He then vowed to protect Harry at any cost because he saw Lilly in Harry's eyes. Acting like a jerk to him so that he could give the illusion to Voldermort that he hated Harry and was the snake inside of the school, having to kill his best friend to upkeep this status. A very sad and touching background and life.


Final verdict; a wonderfully written character. Truly amazing. Rowling really designed an original and inspiring character.

Now I have covered Bellatrix in one of my other blogs that I had written about villains, so go check that out if you like.

I hope I did their summaries justice for all of you Potterheads out there. If I got something incorrect or missed out anything, my apologies. See all next time!



Thank you to Aldrin for writing this blog


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