Everything Fanfiction Winners!

by , Wednesday September 7, 2016
Everything Fanfiction Winners!

​Everything Fanfiction Winners!

Your fanfics were read & judged in this writing competition - hear more about the winners



This competition was all about fanfiction - and with "everything fanfiction" being the theme - there were no limits on what fandom you could choose to write about or what subject your fanfic dealt with. All fanfiction was welcome and so naturally a lot of different fanfiction can be found among the entries! It was hard to select just four winners from the 53 of you who participated in writing your awesome fanfics or designing your own covers & fanart.


Below are the winners of this competition and some honorouble mentions worth checking out :) Winners will receive prizes or gift cards from Amazon. We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to all those who joined - your fanfics, covers, and fanart were incredibly creative!



Best Fanfic

Power, Wealth and Social Status by Domm




Runner Up

For the Dead by -5SecondsOf1Direction-




Best Cover

Shatter Me by Mystique Iris




Best Fanart

Jessica Jones Fanart by NathanielStanley


We have two honorable mentions from this competition to read - both awesome fanfics - in one, werewolves meet Harry Potter and in the other James Buchanan Barnes becomes Captain America...


A Wolf's Demise by Illusive Hippogriff



Transparent by To The Moon & Back




All the winners will be contacted by email!


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