Winners of the And I Darken Competition

Winners of the And I Darken Writing Competition

Your stories have all been read - now see the winning entries!


This competition was launched in partnership with Penguin and Movellas in celebration of Kiersten White's newest novel, And I Darken. The fast-paced feminist epic had it's own kick-ass heroine and a killer plot involving love, death, and revenge.​ This time we challenged our movellians to write their own stories with kick-ass heroines! 


Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to participate in this amazing competition! Winners will receive win £100 of YA books plus a copy of AND I DARKEN. Here are the winners of the competition, chosen by author Kiersten White :)


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The winners are... (drumroll please!)



1st Place

"Some say that women are weak. Some say that women cannot be heroes, or warriors, for we cannot wield swords or charge into battle. But some people are wrong. We have much deadlier weapons at our disposable."


Heathen Queen by Xxmysteriousxx123





2nd Place

 "The world has labelled her as a villain. She swore that the first diamond she took was totally by accident. And the second one too. And the tenth one..."


Shimmer by Gloreearh





3rd Place

"The ash will always find me."


ASH by DragonSoulJess






The winners will be notified by email. Congratulations and enjoy the books!


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