The Next Movellas Instagram Takeover!

by , Saturday September 3, 2016
The Next Movellas Instagram Takeover!

It's time for the next #movellastakeover

Learn more about the upcoming Instagram Takeover by one of our social media ambassadors!



We're super excited about September's Takeover! Starting this Monday, September 5 through next Saturday, September 10 check out our account on Instagram at movellasofficial to catch some of the takeover.


This #movellastakeover is being done by the one and only Popstar_17


We'd like to give you all the opportunity to meet the Movellian behind this latest takeover, so here's a little Q&A before it all begins :)




User Name:







Ok, I have a lot of interests, but here are just a few of them:


Playing the guitar/piano, listening to music, writing, reading, being outside, stargazing, traveling and a lot more.


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I tend to be a very quiet person, but that just means that I think a lot.

I love to explore and travel. I like to go to historic places and wonder what it was like during that time.

I'm a dreamer and I also believe in God.

I tend to make people laugh and I get very distracted at times.

I'm also in love with several quotes and I'm not very good at making speeches.


How long have you been on Movellas?

Well, I've been on Movellas since April 2nd, 2015.


But, I had an account prior to that which I wrote on, although I ended up deleting it because I didn't like what I was writing and felt that it was wrong.


Why are you on Movellas?

Originally it was just to read the fanfiction, but then I started writing and it just became a little past time for me.


What are your three favorite books/authors of all time and why?

Alright, my favorite three books are; Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub, The Christy Miller Collection by Robin Jones Gunn and The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. My top 3 favorite authors would be; Robin Jones Gunn, Suzanne Collins and Beverly Lewis.


What genre do you prefer reading?

I really like Romance the best because I'm a hopeless romantic.


Do you write novels/books yourself?

Yes. Actually I have a lot of books behind the scenes that I'm working on. I call these my "Originals". The ones on Movellas are my originals as well, but that's just my fanfiction originals. My "Original Originals" are books that are not fanfiction, but other stories that I've written. I'm actually in the process of publishing with Amazon this year as soon as I get my copyrights and such worked out.


Where do you get your inspiration from in writing?

Lots of things. Sometimes it's by a song or a quote. Other times it can be by just thinking or seeing something. Inspiration is all around if you just look for it. People often don't take the time to really think or look at things, but when you think about it and look at things, you learn something and become inspired. You also have to use your imagination and really think things through before you write.


What is your best writing tip?

I have a lot of tips, although this one that I'm about to share with you is one that I use most often. When you envision a story and such think about where the story will go. Think about the main three things that should happen or could in that story to make it interesting, fun to write and a fun read for your readers. Think about your characters and kind of question them in your mind.


Are they quiet and kind of a loner or are they loud and an extreme party-goer? What kind of personality do they have and how do things look through their eyes? Do they seem perfect but the truth is their hiding things or do they realize that they aren't perfect yet their trying to be? You have to really think these things through and investigate what your characters are truly like that way you can make the story into one that's truly and absolutely incredible. 




Thank you Popstar! Make sure to follow her on Instagram @kristen_n_toole and follow @movellasofficial too, if you haven't already!


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