Winners of The Huntsman Writing Competition

Winners of The Huntsman Writing Competition!

Your stories were read in this sinister writing competition - now we are ready to congratulate the winners



In this competition we asked you all to write prequels or sequels to your favorite fairytale or to create other stories with evil queens, forbidden love, and other themes that tie in with action adventure movie The Huntsman ...and what you movellians created was dark and magical, and on the whole an interesting and thrilling collection of stories to read! We were charmed reading these tales and seeing inspired fanart and covers on the same subject so you can imagine our difficult task in picking the winners from those who took part with their writing and designing. Here we have the winners of the competition, these compelling - if not a little dark - stories and their counterparts are more than worthy of a read, or a like :) 


Winners will receive posters, DVDs, and other themed gifts! We hope you all liked this writing competition on Movellas - thank you to those of you who joined - your stories and covers are incredible.



1st Place

A Melody of Greed and Love by DragonSoulJess




2nd Place

The Musketeer by Lady Alora Wiley




3rd Place

Amethyst by Mercury Chap




Best Fanart/Cover

The Huntsman ❄ Fanart by ChristinaH


We have two honorable mentions from this writing competition that we think you all should read too! One of them is a wickedly good prequel to the Little Mermaid, the other a story about Little Red Riding Hood's not-so-peachy return from the forest...


The Little Mermaid by Molly Looby



My Own Hero by Niharika Sarma




All winners will be contacted by email.


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