Rainbow Reads: LGBT Literary Magazine

Rainbow Reads: LGBT literary magazine

Submit your story, poem, or artwork for a chance to be published


It’s a good bet that everyone here on Movellas has dreamed of being a published author at some point. Some of you have even succeeded - and congratulations on that! Also here on Movellas is a thriving community of LGBT authors and LGBT-themed stories. Thanks to movellian CEMO, a great opportunity for getting those stories, poems, and artwork published has come around!


Rainbow Reads is a budding online literary magazine founded by Stephanie Stott, a member and promoter of the LGBT community. With CEMO and the rest of her staff, Stephanie’s goal is to develop this magazine and showcase exclusively LGBT content as well as feature members and subsets of the community. Right now, they’re calling for submissions for their first issue; if you’ve never had your work published - or even if you have - here’s your chance to get your name and ideas out there! Here are a few ways in which you can contribute:



Got a short story, a monologue, or even a standalone chapter of a novel that focuses on an LGBT character or LGBT issues? It could be a story about finding an identity, falling in love, or accepting someone else. If it’s an original work between 500 and 3,500 words, you should think about submitting it to Rainbow Reads! For more details on how exactly to format your submission email, check out the site listed at the bottom of this post.



Both poetry and LGBT issues tend to have one thing in common: deep emotions. There is often no better way to express some of the confusing, conflicting, or enlightening emotions that come with love, lack of love, and discovering who you are than through poetry. If you have a poem under 1,000 words about identity, love, or anything else related to LGBT issues or people, send it in! Then you can officially call yourself a published poet :)



Among the countless excellent stories and poems on Movellas, there’s also some incredible artwork. Artists - this is your chance! Rainbow Reads isn’t just a literary magazine; as a Graphic Designer, Stephanie also intends it to have a certain aesthetic value. If you have some “rainbow” artwork that would be perfect in the pages of this magazine or if you have a LGBT-themed art project you haven’t started yet, use this as your motivation! Start it or finish it up and submit it to share with as many viewers as you can. There’s no restriction as to the medium one can upload their submission, as long as it is in .png format. Go wild, guys!


In short, there’s something for everyone who’s interested in writing or drawing about LGBT characters or plot-lines. Showcase your creativity and send in your best work! For those of you worried about being published for future writing endeavors, Stephanie has assured us through CEMO that this will not be an issue since she doesn’t claim any copyright on your work and is making no money off of this. If there are any conflicts, she is willing to pull the work in question from the magazine, so don’t worry about that!


If you have any questions that weren’t answered here or on the official Rainbow Reads site, you can direct them to @CEMO or email rainbowreadsmagazine@gmail.com.


Hope to see the submissions of fellow Movellians published sometime soon!



Thanks to Prodigy for writing this blog post and designing the banner


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