Winners of the Spoken Word Fanfiction Competition!


Your awesome spoken word entries were watched in this competition - we're here to tell you the winners



This competition was a big challenge because those who participated had to both write their entry in the form of a poem or story, and they also had to record themselves reading it aloud. Our winners were not shy in stating their voices weren't the best or the recording wasn't the best judge of their entry, but they couldn't have been more wrong as these videos were an excellent show of what you can do with spoken word! The topics that were covered in these entries were also very well thought and highlighted some super important things to all of us. Here are the winners of this competition along with their video entries that made for an amazing expression of their writing and reading :) 


Winners will receive awesome spoken word books! We hope you liked this competition on Movellas - thank you to those who were both brave & determined enough to get involved, your videos were impressive and poetic.



1st Place

49 seeds by May Hayashi





2nd Place

Cranial Wars by Squonk Of The Nightshade





3rd Place

Numbers by Prodigy






All winners will be contacted by email!


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