Winners of the Rockin' Lyrics Competition

Your songfics were all read & judged in this writing competition - we're ready to tell you more about the winners




This competition was about music - your favorite song, album, artist, etc. and the songfic you'd write in your own version of it or your own story about it! We really enjoyed reading your songs and stories in this writing competition and it was also super difficult to select the winners from the 34 of you who participated and also wrote your own rockin' songfics. Here are the winners of this competition, be sure to read or sing these outloud, as you wish :)  


The winners will receive a slew of iTunes giftcards. We hope you enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thanks to all those who took part - your songfics, covers, and fanart were rock-worthy.



1st Place

History by Oh Hipsta Please




Runner Up

Brothers Forever by FANGIRL!!!




Best Trailer

Before Fate by NathanielStanley




Best Fanart

We Are Nowhere, And It's Now by Prodigy


We have one honorable mention from this competition which is a heartwarming read as it is also a simple song with a story about friendship and something of endings and beginnings...


Invisible by Dragon Rider Fangirl                                                                                 




All the winners will be contacted by email.


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