Album Review: Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool

Review of Radiohead's latest Album!

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When I first decided to review this album, it was because, “Hey, who doesn’t like Radiohead?”And I mean it. It’s like not liking Smells like Teen Spirit. It’s just not a thing. Before I even listened to the album, I decided to do some research. And, well, it’s a really, really well-reviewed album.


So, I knew that, for my own love of music, I had chosen the right album to review. So, let’s get straight into it, then. A Moon Shaped Pool is Radiohead’s ninth studio album. You’d think that they’d have knocked one of the previous eight out of the park, but critics all around seem to agree that this album is far superior to any other by Radiohead, so let’s analyze why that is.


The album kicks off with “Burn the Witch”, which, honestly, made me feel like I wanted to rebel. This is why it’s the perfect opener for this album, because it’s almost a theme of it. To not listen to authority. Between the string and electronics, the voice in this piece is strong, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start off this album.


The next song, Daydreaming, is my personal least favorite on the album, even though the music video really upped the game for me, personally. I feel like it’s really hard to tell what Yorke is saying. And while I get that it’s a little bit of his thing, it’s a huge let down for this song because the words are so powerful. When watching the music video for this, I was drawn to the song, but before watching it, or looking up the lyrics, I found myself asking, “What the hell is he saying?” Lyrically, it’s an emotional and powerful song, one that a lot of people probably emote to really well. Unfortunately, I could not.


By the time I had gotten to the third song, I realized, this is a dark album. And, I guess that makes sense. Decks Dark, a song title that sounds nonsensical, is outright depressing to me, in the absolute best of ways. The lyrics refer to space and UFOs that are supposed to represent the darkness of humanity.


I decided not to go one reviewing track by track, because what more could I say? Nothing, really. The most stand out moments in the album are the ones where the sound is almost as if we were at an orchestra, because some of the members have said that the string parts are “the icing on the cake” and boy howdy they are.


Radiohead very impressively combined songs together written at very different times. Due to some of the lyrics in various songs (i.e. True Love Waits, which was written in 1995- that’s before I was born).


Overall, I’d use three words to describe the album: Dark, Orchestral, and Fantastic.


Full Tracklist: Burn the Witch, Daydreaming, Decks Dark, Desert Island Disk, Ful Stop, Glass Eyes, Identikit, The Numbers, Present Tense, Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief, True Love Waits


I would say it definitely receives a 5 out of 5.


      5 / 5 



Thank you to Kierstinnn for listening to the new album and writing this review!

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