Harry Potter and the Cursed Child...

by , Saturday August 6, 2016
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child...

Want to know more about the eighth story of the wizard with the scar?

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19 years have passed, and on July 31, 2016 the eighth book of Harry Potter was released. The story was published in connection with the play, also called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which just premiered in London and therefore the book is a 'special edition rehearsal script."


It's been 19 years since we last heard news from sorcery universe. Harry has been working in the Ministry of Magic and is married to Ginny Weasley. Together they have three children - James, Albus, and Lily - who all started at Hogwarts.

Ron and Hermione are also together and have two children, Rose and Hugo. Draco Malfoy has also found love and has his son Scorpius.

We quickly find Albus and Scorpius together as they become friends. But as the past creeps closer, every decision made has an effect on the future. Time is fast becoming a precious thing and darkness is hiding in the shadows.


Sunday night I stood in Arnold Busck, ready to get my hands on the new book. Spirits were high, and people's excitement could be heard in their breath. Finally it was my turn, and I got my hands on the highly anticipated book.


Never did I think I would read a book so quickly. It took me all of a day to read it, and now I want to read it again. Before I began, I was skeptical: Was the magical universe still as unbelievably fascinating as before? Was there enough magic? I have only one thing to say: It was a magical reading experience.


However, this book does not fit the normal structure of the other Harry Potter novels that we've grown used to, it is in fact set up in script form, which is to say that while it's all lines of text, which are sometimes stage directions, it still does the job of explaining the characters' feelings. I have nothing against the structure, on the contrary, actually I think it's easier and clearer to read.


Although the book primarily consists of lines, there are plenty of descriptions. When reading this book, you become quickly caught up in the familiar environment and the feel of the magical world.


If you have not seen or read Harry Potter movies / books, I would strongly advise you to read / watch them before you start reading this book, since there are so many references to earlier books / movies.


But for such a Harry Potter lover like me, this book surpassed all my expectations. Now the time will go by ever so slowly as the edited version hits the streets sometime in 2017.



      5 out of 5


Have any of you read the book yet? If so, let us know what you thought of it!


Thank you to Danish movellian Pasta for writing this blog!

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