3 Good Things Winners

by , Friday August 5, 2016
3 Good Things Winners


Your movellas were all read in this gratitude writing competition - we're here now to tell you the winners!



This competition was in partnership with Young Happy Minds. We asked you all to write about 3 good things you were grateful for and why. Your responses came in different forms, but they were all worthy stories and we enjoyed reading them. This was a hard challenge and was launched in a month you all were incredibly busy with other praiseworthy things and so although there were only a few entries in this competition, those who entered did a fantastic job in expressing their appreciation and gratitude for love, life, and other inspirations <3 


In reading all of your entries, it was far too hard to pick only 3 winners and then not acknowledge what other great entries there were so YHM decided to offer prizes to all 8 of the users who entered this competition!! Winners will receive prizes from the Young Happy Minds shop


We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to those who participated - your stories and journal entries showed a wonderful side of gratitude that we should all read, like, and share to keep spreading the good vibes :-)



Special Mentions

3 Good Things by A.S Damea




The Brighter Things by The Force Of Storms




A Large Amount of Gratitude by Born To Be Free



Check out the rest of the winning entries here!



All the winners will be contacted by email. 

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