The Manchester YA Book Festival!

by , Thursday July 14, 2016
The Manchester YA Book Festival!

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A blog written by W0lverine


On July 2nd, Manchester Central Library hosted the Manchester YA Book Festival. Upon arrival, M0riarty and I were greeted with stands from several charities, local poetry groups, and poetry websites. We spoke to people from several different writing groups and collected a vast pile of leaflets.


After having a detailed look around, M0riarty and I partook in an open mic session and read out poems to a crowd of teenagers and adults in the library. I read my poem ‘Dark’ and M0riarty read out her amazing poem ‘The Colours of War’ (Check it out!) This was great fun.


The YA author panel event was next. Siobhan Curham (Author of ‘Dear Dylan’ and ghost writer for Zoella), Juno Dawson (Author of ‘This Book is Gay’) and Non Pratt (Author of ‘Trouble’ and ‘Remix’ ) were also on the panel. The main subject was mental welfare and how it is portrayed in literature. The ideas of romanticising illness and writing from real life experiences were the main focuses of the panel. Overall, it was very a interesting and informative panel addressing real-life problems and how you can never judge someone without knowing the full story.


After a quick lunch break, we had a look around the vast library and stumbled over a 3D doodle pen station where I drew the Movellas logo and website address (because why not do a little promotion here and there!) 


Overall, we had a great day and met a collection of inspiring authors and poets.


Manchester YA Book Festival was a lot of fun!



W0lverine wrote this great blog after visiting theYA Book Festival, she also designed the banner :-) 


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