Movie Review: Me Before You

by , Wednesday July 13, 2016
Movie Review: Me Before You

A Review of the new movie inspired by a love story...

By fictionbefourblood



Me Before You is the heart-wrenching film adaption of Jojo Moyes’ best-selling novel that tells the story of quadriplegic Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) and Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) who is employed as his care provider. When taking on a project like this – the characters, the themes, the story – you have to be truly invested. Sam, Emilia, and everyone else involved did not disappoint.


The whole thing was done so beautifully. The soundtrack was perfectly heart-breaking, bringing the story to life. The setting was exactly how I imagined it would be. Also, it was filmed in Wales, which I didn’t know until the movie came out but that made me pretty proud. The casting, the script, the direction, and everything in between all came together for an authentic adaptation that did justice to the novel and it's fans.


It really wasn’t anything like I was expecting it to be. It was so much more. I didn’t cry though! Not that I expected to because I never cried at The Fault in Our Stars, but that doesn’t mean that anyone else didn’t. It’s definitely a tear jerker so I recommend tissues, unless you’re like me and you just don’t cry at movies then I recommend watching Room!


Naturally, I was slightly disappointed that some things didn’t make it into the film but, I think that’s easy to overlook that when there are so many beautifully done scenes that make you both laugh and cry at the same time. The wedding was definitely one of the highlights. And who can forget those bumblebee socks?


I loved the ending too, just like the book. There’s actually a sequel – After You – and I really have no idea why it was even written and I don’t think they’ll be adapting that at all. I didn’t bother to read it because I was always under the impression that it was a standalone novel. It really wouldn’t make sense to film another one when they got this one just right.


There is so much you can take away from a story like this, so take from it what you will. I think the most important one has been constantly used throughout promotion. So simple, yet so effective: #liveboldly


Have you seen it? Are you planning to see it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



      Rating 5/5



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