Challenge Yourself

by , Tuesday July 12, 2016
Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

a blog series and challenge created by DragonSoulJess


For many of us, the summer holidays are fast-approaching, or already here – which means lots of time to write, or for some of us, lots of time we’re inevitably going to waste procrastinating like pros. But while procrastination may be fun, you’ll (probably) feel more accomplished if you actually get some writing done. To help you with this, and offer you some motivation? #ChallengeYourself!


For the rest of July and into the first week of August, Movellas encourages you all to challenge yourself to any writing goal you want to reach. Perhaps you’re used to diving right into your writing, and you want to try planning? Maybe you just want to get some words written? Or you might even have the words written, and you’re about to go through the editing stages? Whatever you want to achieve this month, set yourself a goal, mumble about it using #ChallengeYourself, and check out the group listed below. This way, we can all join in and help each other reach our goals – that’s just one of the great things about the awesome community at Movellas :-)


And why stop in July/August? If this little challenge helps you, there’s nothing to stop you from soldiering on to keep hitting those goals. For now, however, look out for weekly blogs from us to give you some help in rising to the challenge and defeating it with the flawless style of a true Movellian! Look out for these four blogs coming on Tuesdays, and come back next week for some advice about planning. After that, we’ve got you covered on how to hit that word count goal – unless word count goals don’t work for you, in which case we’ve definitely still got you covered, and return nearer the end of the month for help with editing.


As well as reading the blogs, you could join the #ChallengeYourself group


In this group, you can ask and answer questions, share advice, and keeping everybody motivated to achieve their writing goals. If you’re having trouble, perhaps somebody else has faced similar problems and knows how to overcome it, or maybe you can find a sparring partner of sorts? (For example, you might do well under competitive pressure, in which case word count sprints can be an awesome way to get words written. More on this on the blog in week three!)


Of course, because this challenge is completely personalized to you, you could set yourself any sort of goal over any time period. If you just want to test the waters, you could see how many words you can write in a day, or perhaps even an hour. Alternatively, you could challenge yourself to edit as much of your novel as possible in the space of a month, or maybe you just want to set yourself a target without any timeframes in mind. You can set yourself an ambitious and extremely difficult target, or you could relax and go with something calmer. This isn’t about how you compare to others; this is about what you can do.


Whatever you decide to do, good luck (not that you’ll need it, of course), and more importantly – enjoy yourself! Because writing, though difficult at times, is most definitely fun.


Thank you to DragonSoulJess for coming up with this challenge and NathanielStanley for creating the banner


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