Our Gaming Competition Winners!

by , Sunday June 26, 2016
Our Gaming Competition Winners!


Your amazing fanart and stories were all judged in this gaming competition - now we're here to announce who won



This competition was for gaming fans and fandoms everywhere! There were many great pieces of fanart and stories in this competition that made it quite difficult to pick the winners. Not only was there a multitude of fanfics and other stories on all kinds of gaming characters and worlds, there was also some magnificent fanart to look at in what proved to be a great display of the diversity and action-packed nature of your favorite games! We have the best of this competition below so be sure to look at these thrilling entries...  


Winners will receive amazon giftcards or gaming-themed prizes depending on what they choose :) We hope you all enjoyed this competition - thanks to everyone who took part - your stories and fanart was enchanting to both read and gaze at.



Best Story

Dust by ~Invisible~




Runner Up

Love True by Rose




Best Fanart

Legend of Spyro by ChristinaH




You'll find two honorable mentions below that we'd like to bring attention to in this competition - one being a dark tale of betrayal, war, and a terrifying family legacy - the other is some awesome fanart we wouldn't want you all to miss!


Whispered Screams​ by Ms Holly                                                                                                        



The Rift by Madouc



All winners will be contacted by email!


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