Alice Through the Looking Glass: Movie Review!

Alice Through the Looking Glass: The Movie

A review written by Victoria Raven



The movie begins with Alice on her father’s ship: The Wonder, escaping pirates, returning home, and finding that her mother has two choices: Sell the ship to Hamish Ascot, or lose their family house.


The dramatic start will leave you with two main emotions: tension and confusion.


Tension: you feel fear and shock, you want to know if Alice will do well, you want to know how it will all play out. And you really want to know what Alice and her mother will do in regards to Hamish.


Upon seeing Absolem in Hamish’s family building, Alice leaps through the Looking Glass (A.K.A the mirror) and finds herself back in Wonderland, landing on the table and interrupting the White Queen, Rabbit, and many others who are having tea.


But the Hatter isn’t there.


The Hatter is convinced his family is alive, and is falling ill because no one believes him. He told everyone his family was dead, thus, having everyone believe they’re dead.


Alice, upon leaving Hatter’s house is told to go back in time by the Queen after retrieving, or stealing, the Cronosphere (which allows one to go back in time) from Time himself [Sacha Baron Cohen].


Alice goes through all of the Hatter’s past to find out everything that went wrong, how the two Queens fought when they were younger, thus one becoming good and the other evil, how Hatter’s family was taken by the Red Queen in revenge and how Hatter’s father kept the first hat the Hatter ever made.


The Hatter, Alice, and the rest of the team go off to the Red Queen’s Castle to rescue the Hatter’s family, we are shown that Time, who is mainly portrayed to be the antagonist, changes, wanting the team to finish the Red Queen off.


However, the Red Queen’s selfish desires get in the way, and upon wanting to change the past, she ends up freezing time, killing everyone. Alice just makes it to where the Cronosphere should be, just to save everyone . . . but not soon enough.


Despite everything great in this movie, the cliché Disney ending slightly ruins it. The Red and White Queen become friends, everyone is saved and all of time is restored. The situation with Hamish is resolved, with Alice’s mother not selling The Wonder and starting up their own business in hopes to run the Ascots out of business.


I also noticed a few problems with the movie, one I already mentioned: the ending. But two others were that some moments were very CG and some scenes were clearly green screen.


Despite this, the actors were brilliant: Johnny Deep, who portrayed Hatter, was brilliant, with the make-up and how he portrayed the character throughout the ages.

Mia Wasikowska as Alice ensured that she didn’t break character and is a brilliant role-model for anyone.

Every actor was consistent, their portrayal excellent as well as engaging and realistic.


I would easily give this movie a 4/5. And I would say to go see it ASAP!


If you have seen it, tell me what you thought of it!



      Rating 4/5



Thank you Victoria Raven for writing this film review and Sanguine for designing the banner


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