A Writer’s First Aid Kit: Lack of Motivation

Lacking motivation? Me too.

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I am a terrible person. I spend about 80% of my time procrastinating. It is, therefore, pretty remarkable that I ever get anything done. The truth is that if I am motivated to do something then I am fine (i.e. my ballet lessons) but if I couldn’t care less (i.e. my homework) then the thing becomes a task and I put this task off until the very last minute.


Writing swings between the two for me; there are days when I am overflowing with excitement for the thing I’m about to write and so I have to jot as much down as possible all at once (I give this the delightful title of "Brain Vomit"). Equally there are days when I sit down at the computer and open my Word Document and then think ‘oh, I’ll just check Movellas…’ Two hours and several YouTube videos later, I have not written a single word.


The Reasons.


Laziness. Let’s face it everyone can be horrifically lazy sometimes…


Lack of interest. Yeah, remember that story you were so pumped for four weeks ago… ugh… you are now completely and utterly sick of it…


Lack of confidence. You are having second thoughts about how good your plot or your characters or the quality of your prose is… does anyone even like my writing?... Because of this lack of confidence, you are reluctant to fully commit to the story and can feel it slipping into your discard pile as you write it…


Screen exhaustion. If you have been working at the computer for a while already then the chances are you are just suffering from an overdose of screens and the best medication is to take a break and get some of those important things called fresh air and exercise… Remember those? Yeah…




Screen breaks. As mentioned above, take a break from the computer to refresh your mind and body a bit.


Eliminate distractions. Don’t keep tabs open while you’re writing as they will only tempt you into checking up on things and the many distractions of the internet. I find I like to listen to music while writing but this can be a distraction too (before I know it I’m singing along to songs that I should not

even attempt to sing) so try to find music that you don’t know too well, ideally without lyrics, that you can have playing quietly in the background.


Remind yourself why you write. You don’t write because you are sadistic and enjoy inflicting pain on yourself (I hope!), you write because something about it appeals and pleases you. Keep this in mind. And if you aren’t feeling it on that particular day, then don’t damage your love for writing by

dwelling on it. Let it go for the day.


Break down the challenge. The best way I can think of expressing this is to revert (again) to my own ballet-filled life. For my daily ballet conditioning, I have to do 150 sit-ups. If I do this counting all the way up to 150, it feels unbearably daunting, whereas if I look on it as five sets of 30 sit-ups it feels more manageable. If you’re really struggling to get going then think about splitting the writing you’ve got to do into more manageable chunks so that – while keeping in mind the overall goal – you are only aiming at 400 words at a time or a particular conversation.


Give yourself something to write for. If you’re doing something like NaNoWriMo which requires you to keep up with the word counts then give yourself targets and a purpose, possibly even rewards if it comes down to it. For example, you might be trying to write about 2000 words but are struggling to get going; think about what you want to achieve with those words (in terms of plot/character development) then consider what benefit getting these words written will give you (It might mean you feel you’re on top of your challenge or that you have a lovely new chapter to upload for your expectant readers on Movellas), and then promise yourself something nice that you are going to give yourself in return once you’ve done it (a break? Food? Some other guilty pleasure of yours?) and then get started!


Hope this helps, leave any questions below,


MereCat xxx



Thanks ᙢᗴᖇᙓᑕᗩ☂ for writing this and creating the banner :)


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