Final Dear Diary Winner for May 2016


Congrats to our last winner of the Dear Diary competition!!


It has been over a year since we began the Dear Diary Competition and a lot has happened! Many of you started your own diaries, many more continued writing in them, filling in the creative, heartfelt, and often humorous details from your everyday lives. We were impressed at those of you who continually updated your diary entries with your dreams, thoughts, and other observations. It's a sad thing to have this competition come to an end now but we're here to announce the final winner.


Want a recap of the all the winning diaries in this competition? Catch the lineup of winners just below...


Our winner is... *enthusiastic drumroll*




Journal - 2016

by Mayor Moth


This last month's winner is an amazing diary about surprises, resolutions, and a very real story of survival. Through many different entries, we learn more about the writer whose point of view leads us through the diary like any well-written story. What kept us reading this diary month after month was the author's sincerity, the adversity she had to struggle with, and the beautiful things she chose to share with us. 


What makes this diary so special is just how unique it is! One of our favorite chapters was on resolutions where certain goals were organized and set into place, to be followed up on in later entries. Another day's chapter was full of paintings her grandfather made and an even cooler chapter was all about recommendations that included everything from books the author had read to films and nature documentaries. One entry we love:


"So let's see, what does the number of times I've circled the sun allow me to do within the laws of the area of land upon which I was born? I can now 'drive most types of vehicle on the road' (I can barely walk in town without getting distracted and almost bumping into someone, and I get second hand distress when I'm in a car having to cross a junction, so I think that's probably out for a few more years), as well as get a license to fly an aeroplane, helicopter, gyroplane, hot air balloon, or airship; I can also donate blood, leave my body to medical science, and... get put in prison. Oh.


Well, I'm now target-centre for being a YA protagonist, so let's just hope the apocalypse doesn't loom any time soon because I would be frightfully ineffective. See ya!"

(From the Chapter titled: "May - Seventeen"


You're more effective than you think Mayor MothWe hope that your 17th year in the world is a great one. From reading your diary entries we've been able to get to know you but also see what you're dealing with and we appreciate your presence on Movellas even more <3


We've had many, many winners and their diaries are great ones to read. Each winner received an awesome journal from Work Style. Wondering how the year went? Let's recap all of our winners below.




May 2015 WINNER

It's Today?! - The Story Of My Life

by Madouc





Girl Half Empty

by ᙢᗴᖇᙓᑕᗩ☂ 




The Stage of a Public Diary

by Sanguine




The Secret Life of a Non-American Teenager

by fictionbefourblood


September WINNER

A Universe Contained in a Labyrinth

by Born To Be Free

October WINNER

Dear Diary... ||

by QueenABBZ  



November WINNER

Prodigy's Life in Vague, Enigmatic, Slightly Confusing Terms

by Prodigy

December WINNER

A Few Days in The Life...

by PenGirl

January WINNER

I Am Lavern

by Lavern2002


February WINNER

Diary of an Aspiring Writer

by N.S. Jones



Diary of a Spongey Star

by spongebobninja☕️



Me, Myself, and Quite a Few Others

by Vine Owl


Thank you again to everyone who took part in this competition over the last year! Hold on to your diaries, they were worth reading and we hope you enjoyed writing them just as much...


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