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Selected Movellas Stories are on Amazon!

We have an exciting update to tell you all...



It's mid-Summer and there's so many exciting things going on at Movellas. Amid all the hustle and bustle, we wanted to share an update with all of you on something awesome that's happening on Amazon.


You all read and write an incredible (and impressive!) amount of stories here on Movellas and we are always reading them in finding the good ones to share. Part of our mission as the Movellas Team is to spread the word on just how talented you movellians are as writers and what worthy reading your stories prove to be!


We have put 5 Movellas stories up on Amazon, available for purchase in ebook form for any of those who want to have their own copies. We all of course can still read these books here on Movellas for free, but we wanted to give a big shout out to the writers who worked so hard in preparing their stories for publication because without their hard work and massive amounts of writing we wouldn't have these great ebooks to offer on Amazon in the first place.


Wondering what the ebooks on Amazon are? Let's lift the veil of mystery right now:


The entire series from Prodigy

Love to Hate



The Long Run


Just Push Play


And two other epic classics on werewolves and vampires separately, because this never gets old!


The Wolves of Mateo by


The Vloodmir Vampires by Victoria Raven


These titles have all been published to Amazon, so congrats, and Victoria RavenWe think the world of you as authors and are proud to support, share, and promote your amazing stories wherever we can. 


There’s a promotion running right now on Amazon to support the authors and this Amazon launch so for the next 5 days (through this Saturday) you can download any of these ebooks for free on Amazon!!! See what we mean here.


Have you read these movellas? Spread the word if you get the chance! We hope to put more of your stories up on Amazon in the future :)


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