Movellas Ambassadors 2016!

by , Tuesday June 14, 2016
Movellas Ambassadors 2016!

Movellas Ambassadors 2016

The time has come to pick the new Movellas Ambassadors. Read all about it right here!



Movellians gather! The time has come for us to pick a new group of ambassadors.


This year, however, the job of the ambassadors will be a little different as we are dividing the group into four smaller groups, who each have their own responsibilities. All ambassadors can still do as much as they want - even outside their own category - but each subgroup will have their own job as the top-priority. When you apply to be an ambassador, you will therefore also apply to the group(s) you would like to be an ambassador in.


But what are the groups, one might ask. The groups in which the Movellas Ambassadors 2016 will be divided into are:


Social Media Ambassador

If you are good with a camera, funny, and love interacting with your own social networks, then this is the group for you. Social media ambassadors will be in charge of things as, but not limited to, making videos for our Youtube channel, taking pictures for Instagram, choosing cover of the day, etc. This group is for those who want to influence Movellas' face to the world and interact with a broad spectrum of users.


Community Ambassador

If you love being social, creating conversation, and helping others, this is the group for you. These are the ambassadors who help users with the Movellas rules and guidelines, who start new discussions in the forums, comment on mumbles, etc. The community ambassador's job is to make sure that Movellas is a socially active and safe place for people to connect.


Super Writer Ambassador

The super writer ambassador group is for those who love to participate in competitions, write blogs, give constructive criticism on other user's stories, etc. The super writers' job will be to write excellent blog posts and exemplary contributions to the competitions in order to inspire and help fellow movellians feel the good vibes. Super writers are all about the text and love to produce and help others produce stories.


Super Reader Ambassador

The super readers are the book worms of Movellas. These are the users whose goodreads account is an inspiration to all book lovers or whose #shelfies make others green with envy - to sum it up: They love to read. The super readers will be helping Movellas out by writing reviews on Goodreads, help to select Story of The Month, judge competitions, as well as generally read and feedback a lot of Movellas!



All Movellas Ambassadors 2016 will receive an ambassador kit by mail, so you can do a dynamite job! The kit will include: a Movellas t-shirt, a pen, a notebook, flyers, and stickers.


Here's a video from one of our amazing 2015 ambassadors Sanguine on what Ambassadors do and why they're such an awesome group to be a part of on Movellas! 


All applications must include a cover letter in which you:

- Let us know your name, age, username and where you're from

- Describe why you want to be an ambassador and why we should pick you

- Let us know which group(s) of ambassadors you would like to be a part of


All applications must be titled "Movellas Ambassador 2016" and sent to by 23.59 on July 20th 2016. Old ambassadors must reapply :)


We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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